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2020/21 Membership Season (1 October 2020 to 30 June 2021)

Due to the uncertainty of the commencement of the Car Park Development Project (“Project”), the Board is not seeking a 12 month membership subscription but, a reduced fee for a period of 6 months through until 30 June 2021 which, at this point in time, is the anticipated date that the Project construction may commence pending approval of Development Applications via Willoughby City Council.

New memberships are available from today for the remaining period up to 30 June, 2021.

Applying for Membership

The process of applying for membership is simple and only takes a few minutes. Simply submit an online form, or drop into the Club to fill in a form.

If you are applying for an Adult playing membership then you will require one of two items to be submitted to the office at the time of your application;

  1. If you know 2 members of Chatswood Golf Club, you will require their name and membership number to complete the application process
  2. If you do not know 2 members of Chatswood Golf Club, you are required to attach 2 written personal references. References should be from a person that has known you for at least 12 months.

An example of a written reference:

“To whom it may concern,

I have known Tom Jones as a work colleague and friend for 2 years. He is an honest and reliable individual as well as very trustworthy. I have no hesitation recommending him for membership to Chatswood Golf Club.

Yours sincerely,

Jim Smith.”

Before your new playing membership commences, you will be required to attend a 1 hour membership induction session where the operation of the club will be explained. One of our current members can be assigned as a “buddy” if you are new to golf and to help you obtain your handicap.

If applying for social membership, you do not need to provide any referees.