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From the Course

As you are all aware, we are again experiencing very high Course usage. This in itself presents a challenge for our Course Staff to maintain the playing areas and, present them in the best possible condition. On that point, it is very pleasing to receive comments from players, both members and visitors from other clubs, that they have enjoyed playing at Chatswood and complimented our Course Staff on the Course presentation and, in particular, the greens. These messages have been passed on to Matt White and his team.

Because of our current Course high usage we ask all our members to take particular care by filling divots, both yours and those not repaired by others and, repair pitch marks on the greens. This latter point is so important at any time, but more particularly at this time of year when grass regrowth is slow. I know it is very easy to blame public players but when, like myself and others, playing during competition times, it is also members who are not undertaking course etiquette. It is very disappointing to arrive at a green to find many pitch marks unrepaired. This has been particularly noticeable when the pins are the back of green or, to one side. On Wednesday, I and my partner, repaired at least 8 pitch marks on the 8th green, 5 pitch marks on the 13th green, 6 pitch marks on the 17th green, just to highlight a few. This was done together with repairing / filling many divots on fairways. I ask you all as members to please take a pride in your Course and, help our Course team, by making these repairs during your round as needed.

Additionally, I know that, during this period of playing in pairs the fields are generally moving quicker. As I have asked as above that you remember to take care of our Course, it is also important to remember that it is the responsibility of the lowest handicapper in the group to ensure that your group keep your place in the field and keep up with the group in front.

Thank you in advance for your help with the matters I have raised above.

Good golfing

Richard Munge
VP Greens

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