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From the Course Team

A very challenging week out on the Course with some outrageous weather conditions seen over the past 7 days. With the Course totally flooded with torrential rain combining with the king tide from the Lane Cove River, the Course drains really struggled to keep up with the down pour.

With all the damage from the rain the only option was to close the Course for the start of the week and eventually allowing the back 9 to be open through out the week.

  • In the last week we have had a total of 420mm of rain with 255mm of that falling on Sunday alone.
  • The water reached a depth of around 1 meter leading up to the 4th green and down at the 8th fairway it reached up to half a meter.
  • Bunker faces have been totally washed out.
  • As many as 6 trees/larger branches have fallen.
  • Many of the bare patches on our fairways have been totally rutted out.
  • We had 4 sets of tee markers wash away – never to be found again!

With the rain comes some positives as you’ll see with the rough thickened right up and some new growth on the fairways and tees, also the greens are pumping along and most importantly the dam is back to capacity.

We are doing our best to have the Course presentable and playable across all 18 holes for the weekend. Unfortunately Carts will not be allowed on either Saturday or Sunday.

Kind regards,

The Course Team

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