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Hole-by-Hole Course Guide

Hole 1

Par: 4

Distance: 280m (Ladies) / 288m (Men)

No need to get nervous – this is a relatively easy hole to start with. Choose a long iron or fairway wood to find a narrow fairway with trees right and hazard left leading up to the green. Avoiding the fairway bunker on the right will be rewarded with a short iron approach to the green. Keep an eye out for the bunkers on the front left and back right. The green is back to front sloping and a gentle opening hole – some say!


Hole 2

Par: 5

Distance: 448m (Ladies) / 458m (Men)

Longer hitters taking the driver need to avoid the pathway 350m in the distance. For the rest of us – a straight(ish) hit down the middle of the fairway and an iron shot will leave the third shot in about 100m from the green, which is long and narrow sloping back to front.

Hole 3

Par: 3

Distance: 170m (Ladies) / 183m (Men)

This is Chatswood’s signature hole! With the dam between you and the green – a long iron is required to carry to the putting surface as a steep uphill slope will reject any short shot. A very large green with a moderate tier in the back third and many contours make this a difficult green to read. Missing the green to the right results in a difficult pitch as the ground falls away steeply. The left side has a large collection area which attracts the less bold tee shot. Par here is a great confidence boost!

Hole 4

Par: 3

Distance: 203m (Ladies) / 208m (Men)

A long iron or fairway wood must avoid the creek down the right side which stretches all the way to the raised large green. Those seeking to avoid the trouble and play left face a difficult pitch from a variety of sloping lies to a narrowish green with mild back to front slope. If you hook it, you have to contend with the 9th fairway. Par here is a great result and gives are not uncommon.

Hole 5

Par: 3

Distance: 168 (Ladies) / 174m (Men)

A mid to long iron must avoid the bunkers front and middle, and the creek that runs all the way down the right hand side of the hole. The large green has a mild back to front and left to right slopes. When the pin is cut short, only an immaculate iron shot will result in a birdie opportunity.

Hole 6

Par: 3

Distance: 132m (Ladies) / 137m (Men)

Known as the ‘Wedding Cake’ due to a rock shelf surrounding the back of the green, this is one of the most unique holes at Chatswood. A short iron must carry to the green and quickly stop on a moderate sized green that sits sideways with a mild back to front slope. Precise club selection is required to secure a par as anything short will not find the cut portion and anything long will find the large rock face.

Hole 7


Par: 3

Distance: 145m (Ladies) / 148m (Men)

A short iron is required for this downhill hole protected by two bunkers front and middle right. The green is large with a mild tier running vertically through the right third. Anything missing the green left results in a tough chip up a short bank. The trees await the wayward slice to the right. Accuracy is the name of the game here to set up a birdie opportunity. Consecutive holes in one by members in 2012 suggest an opportunity awaits!

Hole 8


Par: 5

Distance: 452m (Ladies) / 472m (Men)

The second of the par 5’s has the Lane Cove River running all the way up the right hand side of the fairway. There is also a steep hill on the left of a narrow fairway. The second shot offers a choice for the one percentile of golfers who have any chance of carrying the creek across the front of the green. For those 99% laying up, the pitch must avoid two bunkers right and one left of a very long green with a moderate back to front slope. A good birdie opportunity but much trouble awaits the stray shot.

Hole 9

Par: 4

Distance: 265m (Ladies) / 270m (Men)

Back to the Clubhouse with a narrow fairway guarded by trees right and left. The pitch must avoid the deep bunker on the right. Too long and you have to contend with the thick hedge at the back of the green. The key here is to place the ball below the hole as the green slopes back to front and left to right. A good short hole where the job is not completed by simply finding the putting surface in regulation.

Hole 10


Par: 4

Distance: 264m (Ladies) / 264m (Men)

From a very elevated position the tee shot must avoid the dam and a large hill covered in trees left. The long hitters will be tempted but the fairway is narrow and the green surrounded by three bunkers. Slice it right ever so slightly and you will be faced with an incredibly challenging recovery shot.

Hole 11

Par: 3

Distance: 106m (Ladies) / 114m (Men)

A short iron must avoid trees right and left with a large hill on the right of the green sending any short shot into an abyss. There are bunkers left and right that will catch a wayward shot. The green has a strong tier running horizontally through the back third of the narrow green. A very good birdie opportunity unless the pin is cut on the narrow back left creating a blind tee shot where anything could happen.

Hole 12


Par: 4 (Men) / 5 (Ladies)

Distance: 398m (Ladies) / 404m (Men)

Rated by notable judges as one of the hardest par 4s in Sydney! Apart from the help of a safety camera, the tee shot is blind over a large hill with out of bounds all the way down the right hand-side of the fairway. Only a small few have a chance of hitting the green with their second shot. The green can be seen in the distance down the dog leg left. A bogey here is a good result.

Hole 13

Par: 3

Distance: 116m (Ladies) / 119m (Men)

A short iron must carry the valley over the second fairway and avoid the large bunker front and small bunker right. A large green with mild back to front slopes. It might be the second easiest hole on the course but don’t be fooled!

Hole 14


Par: 3

Distance: 170m (Ladies) / 175m (Men)

From the elevated tee this is a tough hole! If short you have to factor in two bunkers that cover most of the green frontage. Too long or too low and your ball could get wet in Swaines Creek which runs behind the green. Take into account the steep false front which is 8 metres in width and this might give you some respite if you carry the bunkers with a high ball.

Hole 15

Par: 4

Distance: 275m (Ladies) / 280m (Men)

A long iron or fairway wood needs to be well placed on the left side of the fairway – don’t hit too long or you will be caught in the two bunkers on the left hand side of the fairway. There is a large gum on the right hand-side of the fairway 30 metres from the green that has brought much grief to both amateurs and professionals alike over the years. Then there is the green that is heavily sloped and will move putts 90 degrees. Not a difficult 4 but play the hole wisely.

Hole 16

Par: 3

Distance: 140m (Ladies) / 144m (Men)

A very tight tee shot has this hole rated in the top 100 par 3’s in Sydney. There is a touch of Augusta with the creek meandering all the way up the left side which runs from way up stream near Chatswood’s CBD. Bunkers front left and right await the conservative mid to short iron shot seeking to avoid the creek. There is a long green with mild to moderate back to front slopes that completes a great hole.

Hole 17


Par: 3

Distance: 204m (Ladies) / 210m (Men)

The long hitters will be attracted by the opportunity to attack this short par 4. It might be the easiest hole on the course but trouble awaits. Have a go at the hole with your first shot and you bring green side bunkers right and left into play – not to mention the enormous gum tree standing in your way. Locals have learnt over the years that a layup on this hole will be rewarded more often than not. If you take the sensible option be aware of the false front stretching some 15 metres that catches first timers out when they approach the heavily sloping green from back to front. There’s nothing wrong with a par on this often underestimated hole.

Hole 18

Par: 4

Distance: 284m (Ladies) / 324m (Men)

The home-wood stretch…muster up your strength and send the ball through the slot with a straight drive middle or right of the fairway. The approach shot doesn’t get any easier with the remains of an enormous gum 10 metres short of the green on the right hand-side. The long green makes it difficult to get to a back right pin – but your audacity will be rewarded if you pull the shot off. There’s nothing wrong with a par on this hole and you should celebrate at the 19th hole.



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