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An exciting new golf course is coming

Course architect Neil Crafter of crafter + mogford has been commissioned to layout a quality course design. The firm has designed over 60 golf projects across Australia and Asia including Golf Clubs at Glenelg in SA, Sorrento in VIC, and Cronulla here in NSW.

There are further plans for an upgrade to the golf course, and to add more water features and storage, while creating a 12-hole golf course with the capacity to play 18 holes. This unique offering, along with world class practice facilities will put Chatswood Golf Club as a firm leader within the golf industry.

COVID-19 Measures

If you attend the Club to play golf you should avoid gathering in groups, arrive 15 minutes before your tee time and leave as soon as possible following the completion of your round.

You must not visit the Club if you live outside the 5km radius. Our Golf Shop Staff will be checking IDs to ensure compliance.

Course Rules

Please be advised that the following measures will remain in effective at Chatswood Golf Club until further notice;

  1. Flagstick: The recommendation is to leave the flagstick in at all times. However, this is not a requirement. If a player wishes to have the flagstick removed, the player will take responsibility for the removal and replacement of the flagstick themselves at no time are you to remove the flag on behalf of an other player.
  2. Bunkers: Rakes will be removed from all bunkers. It is recommended that players smooth the bunkers with their feet and or their club. It is recognised that bunkers may not be smoothed as effectively as when rakes are used. Accordingly, preferred lies are permitted in bunkers. A player may place the ball within 30cm, no nearer the hole. A player may not alter the condition of the sand in preparation for the ball placement. It is the responsibility of the exiting player to ensure the bunker is left in a satisfactory condition for the next player. All bunkers will also remain as G.U.R during this time.

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