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Visitor Passes – Everyone’s a Winner

Long standing member Peter Shea made excellent use of the visitor pass incentive scheme when he brought six golfing buddies for a round. Peter formed two groups with the passes being eligible for visitors to play at member’s competition rates of $15 per person as he accompanied them during the round. The financial saving from his six visitors amounted to $144 which made an enjoyable round and pleasant post-game drinks all the more desirable.
Members are reminded of their visitor pass entitlement and conditions:

  • Gold members – 14 passes, Silver members – 10 passes, Bronze members – 4 passes annually.
  • Visitors can play a social round or a competition round at member competition prices – $15.
  • Visitor pass entitlements apply for the current subscription year: they don’t carry over beyond 30 September 2108.
  • Members must play with their visitor at all times.

If you’ve not used your full visitor pass entitlement the current year’s allocation expires on 30 September so get cracking, organise your friends and enjoy our great course and friendly hospitality – at a significant cost saving.

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